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Citation From the June 23, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): In the past few weeks, a wave of looting, arson, vandalism, precinct burning, precincts taken over and wrecked city centers.

So what does the Democratic presumptive nominee's plan to restore order in America's liberal cities, as we begin our opening monologue tonight. After all, we do have another candidate. It is 133 days until you, we, the American people, that you will have the ultimate decision. You'll be the ultimate jury.

Well, the ever weak, forgetful Joe Biden has been in public life for over 50 years. So, in five decades, he must have come up with a plan. He must have done things, right? Well, the mob and the media will never tell you. We might never know, by the way, because, well, weak Joe Biden, the forgetful one, has not held a press conference in 82 days. The media mob, of course, aiding and abetting and protecting fragile Joe, just like they did Hillary in 2016.

That's right. After 82 days, Joe has been mostly hiding in his basement bunker. But that, by the way, that pleases Terry McAuliffe, I'm fine with him in the basement, he only sees two people a day, his two body people.

He's going to run for president and we are going to vote in 133 days? Pretty much he's all but shut off from the outside world, not weighing in on the big issues of the day. Instead of taking any questions from reporters, he conducts what are these pre-scripted and frankly pathetic podcasts ,which he somehow manages to even botch over again and again and again and again.

No outrage from the media mob, he gets a pass. Predictably, they do this often. President Trump, if he goes a few seconds or days without taking questions, they have a collective meltdown. Joe Biden can actually go 82 days -- no questions, no media pretty much at all, only friendly media? That's because they are shielding Joe Biden, they know it because President Trump -- well, he did issue police reform guidelines.