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Citation From the June 14, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom 

ARI HOFFMAN (SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE): It is actually becoming more and more tragic by the moment. The name problem is the least of their problems right now. It is really becoming a glorified homeless encampment or, just as the mayor said, a big street fair or block party but one you’re concerned you might get hepatitis from or, perhaps, coronavirus. The residents are now asking for more tents. They're asking for Gatorade water. They're negotiating with the city for utilities. I think that if you really wanted to end this, the city should stop providing that to them and maybe cut off cell phone service to the area because all they seem to do is tweet about it and live stream about it. They keep having reports of violence and attacks. Yesterday, some people were walking through there with American flags. They were attacked. There are constant videos coming out at night. And this name change seems to be part of a changing narrative where they're trying to get rid of their old history and say the violence never happened, the armed militants were never here. There are plenty of videos where you see them trying to stop each other from committing acts of violence saying they're now watching us. Things seem to be breaking down inside of there. Now you can go there during the day. You can walk around. And there’s people giving out food and protesting, but it just seems to be that nobody is running it.