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Citation From the June 3, 2020, edition of Fox News The Story with Martha MacCallum

MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST):It's really stunning when you -- if you hit the rewind button just a little bit and you think about the panic over, you know, wearing a mask and going places and leaving your home and social distancing under penalty of fine or even arrest in some cases. And now you've got the scientists at University of Washington, citing by dozens of health experts, putting out an open letter advocating for an antiracist public health response to demonstrations against systemic injustice occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Basically saying that it's okay to go out there and protest white supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19. What're your thoughts on that? 

BEN SHAPIRO: I mean, the unbelievable stupidity. These people are scientists like Dr. Nick is a doctor on The Simpsons. This is madness at a high level. Either this is the wokest virus in existence and it only kills people who are out there protesting against lockdown while preserving people who are protesting against alleged systematic racism. Or everybody is lying and they basically have different priorities. I don't think that the virus change, I think the priorities change. And for people like Governor Phil Murphy, the idiot of New Jersey who has suggested that it is one thing and open your business, it's and another thing to protest, or Bill de Blasio who says that it's one thing to want to go to synagogue or church or open your business but it's another to protest, the virus does not care. I mean, I was informed five seconds ago the virus doesn't care, but now it feels like the virus does care if you're backing a particular cause.