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Citation From the May 11, 2020, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): But they're not females. They're not. Not by the science, not by common sense, and not by human decency. Because to deny common sense, to deny science, to say things that are manifestly untrue -- and on top of that to force girls to participate in this charade and to take their medals and achievements away from them -- none of that is consistent with human decency. 


They decided that, oh you know what? No, no, never mind. Actually, actually, men can have babies. Girls can have penises. Yeah, you know what? It's like a -- no, you can take the parts off, swap them, switch them. People are like Mr. Potato Head dolls now. You just take off the different parts, swap them out. Doesn't matter. It makes no difference. Parts don’t matter. Biology doesn't matter. Chromosomes don't matter. DNA doesn't matter. Reproductive organs don't matter. I mean, what does matter then? And then we go back to that question. I mean, I still haven't got an answer to that question. What is a women then? You tell me Robert Chatigny. What's a -- define female. Forget about define the word women. OK Chatigny, you say that these boys with XY chromosomes and penises, you say that they are females. OK, define the word female. You big dummy. Define it. You can’t.