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Citation From the May 5, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

ED HENRY (CO-ANCHOR): There's all these models as John so rightly reported out all the details. You've got the Johns Hopkins one the president is so mad about this morning, saying wait a second, this is suggesting double the number of deaths by the end of the summer based on the faulty premise, he says, that there wont be social distancing. Then you've got the second one, IHME, people hear this and say, well their predictions of the number of deaths in America has been bouncing around. They've brought it lower, now they've well over 100,000. I think the bottom line is, people are wondering, are these models that seem very confusing and all over the place, that’s what’s being used to decide whether or not people remain on lockdown, and that’s getting some people frustrated.