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Citation From the April 27, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): A lot of the focus on reopening has been on the economics, but you say that even from a public health perspective, we don't need to be shut in again, especially in California with what we know about the COVID-19 there. Please explain. 

DAN ERICKSON (CO-OWNER, ACCELERATED URGENT CARE): Well, I think that what I've been studying over the last five days is herd immunity. And I've looked to world leaders, specifically Dr. Johan Giesecke and Dr. Anders Tegnell, these gentlemen are from Sweden. And Sweden, as you know, has taken an approach where people are allowed to move about. Children under 16 are in school, and they haven't done a lockdown. They've done some basic social distancing. And Dr. Giesecke just finished doing a report where he said there is really not a lot of science backing these techniques. So he said we use things like hand washing, a little bit of social distancing, because those work.


INGRAHAM: Dr. Massihi, I mean, I can't tell you how many different people sent me your videos. I think I got them from four people in an hour period. You struck a nerve with those videos. Why do you think, very quickly, Dr. Massihi? 

ARTIN MASSIHI (EMERGENCY MEDICINE SPECIALIST): I think we can relate to the American people. There's folks that are at home, they don't have a job, they've lost their source of income. There's increase in alcoholism, folks are depressed, suicide is happening. People are struggling. And so we felt that we had to be an advocate for them and discuss this important issue and I think that's why a lot of folks are relating to us, because they feel that we understand them, and we do, and we are advocates for the average American.