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Citation From the April 24, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, in the weeks since, we've seen a lot of COVID-19 mission creep. Somehow flattening the curve ended up flattening our civil liberties as well. Virginia used the emergency as cover to ram through more anti-gun measures; Michigan and Kentucky, they cracked down on worshippers even when they were social distancing. And California, well, they're funneling money to illegal immigrants.

But there's a new threat to our rights on the horizon, and it's being pushed by the second wealthiest man in the world. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation -- well, they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on research projects around the world, they do a lot of good. And now, it's the largest active funder of the World Health Organization as well, despite the WHO's recent COVID failures and coziness with China.

Now, according to Gates, the only way to responsibly end these shutdowns [and] stay-at-home orders is for a pretty vast surveillance system to be put in place. Writing in The Washington Post, “The United States can follow Germany's example: Interview everyone who tests positive and use a database to make sure someone follows up with all their contacts.” Well, of course, he insists this will all be voluntary. You choose whether you download the digital tools onto your cell phone.

He notes that “some people have proposed allowing phones to detect other phones that are near them by using Bluetooth and emitting sounds that humans can't hear. And if someone tested positive, their phone would send a message to other phones and their owners could go get tested.”

Well, how this information would be stored, whether it would be stored, and to whom it would be accessible? I mean, it's anyone's guess. We don't know any of this yet. Well, in a perfect world, perhaps this would all work seamlessly with no abuses and no misuse of our medical data.

But there are profound questions involved here, including the damage that would be done to America if we really can't even open this up until an army, as they call it, of tracers and technology was put in place, if any of this [is] even feasible.


Well, The Ingraham Angle is asking some hard questions here. It all sounds fine on the surface. Remember after the 9/11, everything seemed fine. The Patriot Act and a new Homeland Security Department, you know, ramp up searches -- it all seemed perfectly reasonable. Years later, we found out some of that stuff wasn't.

Well, sometimes we have to ask uncomfortable questions, because we know that there aren't too many in the media who actually will. A few months ago, we were all terrified by models that told us millions of people could die of the coronavirus in the United States, or at least hundreds of thousands.

Well, fear is a really powerful tool. And is it really true now, as some in the medical establishment are arguing, that it will be unsafe to work or to travel or go to church or a ballgame unless we give up our personal data? Well, I haven't seen the scientific proof for any of that. That's a big leap.