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Citation From the April 23, 2020, edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Breaking news from the nation's hottest hot spot for the Wuhan virus, New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo reporting another decline in deaths over the past 24 hours saying a randomized test, by the way, found 14% of all New Yorkers were infected and have antibodies in their systems.

Cuomo says that means as many as 2.7 million people in New York have been infected and the death rate appears to be 0.5%. That would be five times the level of influenza.

These numbers come as a new study has also found that 94% of patients hospitalized in New York City because of the contagion had an underlying disease -- 94% of them -- including such things as hypertension or obesity. That study also found the median age of the patients to be 63 years of age.