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Citation From the April 24, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Dr. Oz, a lot of people want antibody tests so that we can all get back to work. They did some random testing, grocery stores and shopping centers, or shopping locations in New York, and they found one in five New Yorkers had had it at some point, and determined it’s not as deadly as we first thought, is that right? 

DR. MEHMET OZ: Yeah, stunning information. So New York state has a 14% infection rate but the city is 21% of us have had it. Now, here’s the thing -- that’s about 10 times more, the New York state number, than confirmed COVID-19 cases. So that means that, if you do the math, and Gov. Cuomo talked about this yesterday, then you’ve got a mortality that's more like half percent versus what we had been facing. 

Now, I want to emphasize, they really did it right in New York. They worked very carefully with federal government, they used antibody testing we believe, so the 10 times higher incidents of being exposed to the virus compared to confirmed testing is not as great as it was, for example, in California where we are talking 50 times or 80 times more. But, this is a really accurate number we believe. And so if that's true, then it turns out that you can actually start to see that a lot of folks do pretty well with this virus, although it’s a horrible virus that kills and really cripples a lot of folks. Some people seem to do OK with it. Now, do they have no symptoms, do they just have minor symptoms that they didn’t recognize are related to COVID? We don't know, but clearly being vulnerable seems to be a big issue. We’ve learned that, as you know, just looking at people getting admitted to hospitals. Ninety percent of admissions have at least one comorbidity and a major study yesterday from big New York hospital system, that same number, 88% had two or more comorbidity conditions. So they were overweight, or hypertensive, or they have diabetes. So there's actually a fair amount that your body brings to this virus. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Right, and with 94% of the people who -- who died from this had underlying conditions and if only .5% in this -- when you blow up these numbers, only .5% lose their lives with this. You wonder if maybe Sweden had the better model of take the vulnerable and protect them, and let everybody else stay at work. You wonder when we analyze this if the numbers are correct if that would have been a better thing.