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Citation From the April 18, 2020, edition of Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine

JEANINE PIRRO (HOST): You can't keep Americans down. Born of rebellion and revolution, we are ready to fight. It's in our DNA. We are ready to fight the virus, ready to fight to get back to work, and ready to fight to reopen our country in a safe and strategic way. We get it; we are not stupid. We know to wash our hands, wear a mask, and keep our distance. We know to look for signs of the virus. We look to protect the vulnerable. We appreciate the numbers need to be contained as we go through the three phases of reopening. We know the virus can come back, and we will be ever vigilant to make sure a complete reopening is dependent upon the data. 

Now, we have been sheltered in place for weeks and we are not children. We are capable of using our God-given common sense to protect ourselves and others. But there has to be a balance between physical safety and economic survival.


The percentage estimates of death are statistically exaggerated. Enough inflated numbers. Enough of the lockdown. The Declaration of Independence gives us the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Included is the right to survive, live freely, and care for our families. It does not give governors the right to impose nanny states, reduce liberties, and enlarge government power. Now, certainly government has the authority to protect public health during a pandemic. But that power cannot be used to nullify constitutional rights, including the right of peaceful protest when civil liberties are at stake. Enough of these small-time politicians using this pandemic to flex their pathetic muscles in order to gain attention.


Americans sheltered in their homes have been patiently watching this unfold, have seen the data and the facts change from day to day. First there were 2.2 million who were supposed to die in the United States, and then it was a million, then it was 500,000, then 250,000. And supposedly mitigation was already taken into account in those numbers. But the models, folks, are just plain wrong. And today, a potentially lower death rate. Now, we understand there are still many sick and dying, and density and hot spots are to be treated differently.

But what about the rest of us? We want to go back to work, feed our families. And as the governors sit there and pontificate, we are the ones experiencing the reality that for every percentage drop in employment, there are 5-10,000 deaths occurring. Depression, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, resurgence of alcoholism, drug addiction, loss of hope, battered women locked at home with their abusers, abused children not being identified or protected because they cannot go to school. 

I will wear my mask, my gloves, and I will keep my distance, and I'll do the testing whether to determine if I have COVID or whether I have the antibody. But don't you even think about tracing or tracking or giving me a card. It ain't happening. Your models are out of control. The economy is out of control. China is the one that's out of control.

We're not going to let you destroy this country or our way of life. We've worked too hard and we fought too long to lose it to a Wuhan -- that's what I said -- a Wuhan virus that China knew about, openly lied about, said it couldn't be transmitted from human to human, and intentionally protected Chinese citizens from the virus, but allowed that virus to be released, putting the rest of the world at risk. You want to control people? You politicians want to flex your muscles? Well start working on how you are going to punish, ostracize, alienate, and financially sanction and make China accountable for what they did to us and the rest of the world. But keep your damn hands off us and do something about what got us into this mess in the first place.