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Citation From the April 15, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Should we be concerned with how much one man has maybe an outsized influence with an obviously corruptible entity such as the WHO? Joining me now is Cheryl Chumley, who is the Washington Times opinion editor who’s been writing up a storm about all of this. Cheryl, is all of that money from Gates influencing how the WHO operates?

CHERYL CHUMLEY (OPINION EDITOR, THE WASHINGTON TIMES): Definitely. And thanks for having me, Laura, to talk about this issue that’s really fallen under the radar. Bill Gates wields tremendous influence at the World Health Organization.


And it’s not just funding that we need to be worried about in America. This is an unelected guy who really has no political affiliation with America, and yet he has been given a huge platform to push what I view as anti-American policies based on coronavirus figures and this is something that he’s not going to be held accountable to by voters.


INGRAHAM: People think the CDC is just a kind of an independent government agency, but they get money from the Gates foundation, so it seems like Gates has his hand in pretty much everything pandemic-related, Cheryl.

CHUMLEY: Well here's an interesting tie. So Bill Gates for the longest of times wanted to have the World Health Organization declare coronavirus a pandemic. And the World Health Organization did not want to do that. So a day after Bill Gates, through his foundation, announced an infusion of $50 million into something called the therapeutic accelerator to help fight coronavirus and find a vaccine, much of that money to go towards the World Health Organization. One day after that announcement, the World Health Organization secretary general came out and declared coronavirus a pandemic.

INGRAHAM: Unbelievable.

CHUMLEY: So, coincidence?