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Citation From the April 10, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): But you put out that money for small businesses, and I know they are grateful. But you have to understand, some of these restaurants and health clubs, the 75/25 doesn't work out. If they have to give 75% of the money to labor, they are not going to have any money to pay their bills and pay their rent and pay their lease and pay for equipment that they rent. So if the money is there, there has got to be flexibility given to the banks to allow small business to use it because right now, if they are going to put all that money to labor, they are not going to have a business to go back to. So do you see that -- do you see some flexibility there? 

EUGENE SCALIA (LABOR SECRETARY): Well, I think that the Treasury Department and the Small Business Administration, which have been running this program, have shown a lot of flexibility. There were some adjustments to the application form made early on that made it easier for people to apply. I just think the program has been functioning extraordinarily well. Its biggest challenge has been really its popularity.

KILMEADE: But not in those two areas. These restaurant owners can't live with 75% going to labor. Many of these people don't want their part-time jobs back. So, you can't give them the money and tell them to give it to people that don't want the jobs and then ask them to keep the lights on and turn up with a diminished seating capacity when they come back. It's not going to work.