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Citation From the April 2, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): All right, the threat to doctors by the governor of Michigan has now been reversed on hydroxychloroquine. There was a mandate in Nevada. There was -- Michigan too. You couldn't get it at a pharmacy. 

The only state left now that is demanding you go to a hospital is New York state instead of -- you know, if your doctor wants to prescribe off-label with all the anecdotal evidence, you have -- you have generously researched and talked to doctors all around the globe, and more and more evidence comes in, hopeful and so promising, to me, as Dr. Hannity, he is not a real doctor.

But why? Why are we pushing people into the hospital to use a medicine that is, according to you -- I don't want to put words in your mouth -- fairly safe and seemingly effective both anecdotally and you told us about the study last night, the clinical study?

DR. MEHMET OZ: Well, just to refresh everyone's memory, in China, they have a randomized trial; everyone says it's very small but I got -- I say the opposite. Even despite the small numbers, they got statistical significantly improved results with reduction of fevers, reduction of the cough, improvement of CT scans, showing less pneumonia, I mean, significant statistically. Less than one in a hundred chance in two of those cases that it could just be random.

So, even with a small number, we're seeing evidence. We need a large trial, everyone agrees with that, but, you know, you go to war with the army you got. And I think most clinicians are getting comfortable with this.

I interviewed today Gov. Colyer from Kansas. He's a practicing doctor now, and he said the same thing. He's using it routinely, he's very happy with the results, very few side effects both in the trials and anecdotal use.

But you mentioned earlier, it's a number one medication. It's inexpensive, available in many places and used for decades -- it's a number one drug that physicians around the world pick as their top choice to deal with COVID-19.

But it's more than that. I've been calling around to different countries and so, if you go to, for example, Turkey, which is where my family is from, the government -- the government took all the hydroxychloroquine and it mandates you take it early in the disease.

In China, it's in their formulary. Literally, when you get -- I got the little book. It says in there, you got to give patients early on this pill.

We have evidence from clinical trials, they are small and mixed, by the way, not all are positive, but everyone seems to think we are better off giving it.

I don't want to have government getting in the way of physicians prescribing medications that they think their patients benefit from. The FDA, God bless them, has expedited and made it comparable for doctors to prescribe this off-label.