Sean Hannity incorrectly identifies Gregory Rigano

Sean Hannity
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Citation From the March 19, 2020, edition of Premiere Radio'sĀ The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): We are slashing the red tape. They are making a lot of progress on therapeutics. Nothing is going to stand in the way. This drug chloroquine that [Trump has] talked about or hydroxychloroquine -- maybe more officially as it's known -- has shown to be very encouraging. Some early results. We are going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately.


There was a guy that was on Laura's program last night. Dr. Gregory Rigano. He is the author of a study discussing the latest findings that the first trial vaccine for coronavirus, that is also in the works separate and apart from this. But anyway he discussed hydroxychloroquine and that they were found free of disease in six days. The patients were testing negativeĀ for coronavirus, in other words, in six days. He also said that taking chloroquine could act as a preventative, a prophylactic if you prefer that word. I know that everyone loves different words. But in other words an effective treatment. Now, this is where I am going to get into the weeds, stick with me. This was a study presented in consultation with Stanford University School of Medicine, UAB School of Medicine, National Academy of Science Researchers, Nature had some good information on it as well. And the summary is recent guidelines, this is information from South Korea, China, reporting that chloroquine is an effective anti-viral therapeutic treatment against coronavirus disease 2019. That would be this coronavirus.