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Citation From the April 6, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

DR. MEHMET OZ (GUEST): We’re fighting the battle as we’re trying to figure out what works. 

ED HENRY (CO-ANCHOR): Absolutely. That leads us perfectly to what Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA head, wrote in The Wall Street Journal this weekend. Quote, “A vaccine could beat the virus” -- as you just noted -- “but there won’t be one this year. The best near-term hope: an effective therapeutic drug. That would be transformative, and it’s plausible as soon as this summer. But the process will have to move faster.” Now you’ve been pushing this, as Gottlieb has, the idea that we’ve got to get going on this. And there are various trials out there. But as you know, Dr. Fauci and others have said hold on a second here, we don’t have enough data. Where are we in all this now? 


OZ: We don’t know the answer and we will not know in the near future whether that drug or any of the other solutions are going to work definitively for the COVID-19 problem. But you march into war with the army you have. And I think physicians are saying I need a couple tools that I think are safe.