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Citation From the March 26, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know, I've got to give -- say something nice. I know when you did the Fox town hall, I know that Dr. Oz was on the program.


HANNITY: I've gotten to know him. Dr. Oz is like me. He never goes to sleep.

He has talked to more people, more doctors, more patients that have tried hydrochloroquine and zithromax.

TRUMP: Right, right.

HANNITY: And I don't think you've actually really explained, there is a real trial going on in the state of New York right now.

Am I wrong on that?

TRUMP: Well, we had 10,000 units supplied and approved. And, you know, it's a lot. And people have been taking it now for a day and a half. And we haven't heard bad news. We haven't heard too much news, period. But it's a little early. But we're going to probably know.

And again, you know, maybe it won't work. But we're going to give it a good shot. And why would we wait?

Normally, this process would take two years to get it approved, even though it's out there in terms of malaria. You know, it's out for a different reason. But we have reason to believe, you know, you've seen the same tests. I've seen tests in, you know, in France and other places, Italy.

So, we have to see whether or not it works. If you were a betting man, I guess you'd have to bet against it. But a lot of people are saying this could be a big answer.

In addition to that, Gilead and others are making some incredible things that -- we are going to find it -- it's going to be a question of how fast, when. But we've -- there are some incredible things that are going on right now.

Now, the vaccine is going really well. But for the vaccine, you need about a year, at least a year of testing because, you know, you can't put things into somebody's body by the thousands and then if it's dangerous. So, for that one, we're going to need testing, a longer period of testing.

But they're making tremendous progress, incredible progress.

HANNITY: Yeah. And, Dr. Oz has been putting on doctors that have been prescribing off-use hydrochloroquine and zithromax.

TRUMP: Right.

HANNITY: And patients that used it, miraculous turnarounds, incredible. I'll say, anecdotal -- and I understand Dr. Fauci would love a two-year study, so would I, so would everybody. But if we could save lives now and the right to try for me is a freedom we should have and I know you've made that law.

What have you -- what are your doctor, your experts, the surgeon general, Dr. Fauci, and everybody else telling you about convalescent plasma? People have the disease. They get over the disease. They have antibodies to the disease. They extract the plasma --

TRUMP: Right.

HANNITY: -- and then they infuse it into a very sick patient. What are -- what are you hearing about it?

TRUMP: Well, there's really positive things. I think you're seeing what I'm seeing -- some incredibly positive things. And it's, you know, affecting the immune system and lots of other elements are at work.

And, you know, these are all game changers, by the way, Sean. This is -- you know, this -- this really solves a problem.

I mean, getting the vaccine is important. But if we could do something -- like as an example, if we had something therapeutically where one of these numerous items that we're testing right now, I mean, literally testing it right now, if any of this work, this is a game changer. And, you know, there's no risk when it's already out there in a different form for a different purpose.

So, we're going to see how it all comes out and we're very -- it just started. So, you will probably know before me, OK, because you know all of these things and you -- you really were up on it. But you've also seen some of the other things.

Aside from that, you've seen some -- some incredible potential from other medicines and we hope -- we hope we're going to be able to find it quickly.