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Citation From the March 26, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Let’s give you some numbers if you’re just waking up. Here we go. The confirmed cases in our country 69,197. Deaths went over a thousand first time, 1,050; 619 total recovered. I imagine that number is going to get higher. But back to your original point. Does that have anything to do with another report that we’re looking at this morning that China is saying that they have had success with an arthritis drug. They claim it was 95% cure rate on those critical with this disease. Have you heard anything about that, Dr. Oz?

DR. MEHMET OZ: I haven't seen the study yet. I heard the rumor. But again, these are often pilot studies. And the problem with these studies is that you don't have a control group. So you don't know how good the natural history would have been. And when you put a control group in there, sometimes you find that it's not quite as good as you thought it was. But I tell you, the Chinese have been working arduously. Dr. Fauci brought this up yesterday when he was talking about the fact that we will probably have relapses at some point. This is an endemic virus. It’s probably never going to be gone. There will be a version around, like the flu, right. We can live with viruses that are always around. But we got to have strategies to cope with it when it comes back. And the best strategy are better medications that work early for people who are ill and ultimately the vaccine. But the clinical trials will give us those clues by the winter.

Right now the question is what do you do. So, the arthritis drug you mentioned, the hydroxychloroquine, the azithromycin. These are all drugs, and there are probably a hundred drug trials or drugs that are out there that are candidates. Dozens of trials already in place, some of them actually fairly advanced. So we’re going to end up with some of that information over the next month or two. But for right now, the American people and their doctors want a strategy. And I've been fielding calls continually. Had a bunch of people on the show who have been trying the medications -- the antimalarial medication, the antibiotics, some of these new antivirals. And, you know, folks often claim they work, but they can’t tell for sure. So it's -- you go to war with the army you have. That’s what we’re doing.