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Citation From the April 5 edition of Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo

STEVE BANNON: We have to have -- the hydroxy has to be -- doctors -- we know from talking to doctors all day long it's working for their patients. They have to --


BANNON: -- and the president opened up the supply chain yesterday.

They have to be allowed to put that to their patients, if they think that it's a prophylactic, when they first come into the hospital. Hydroxy is clearly working for some doctor-patient relationships.

Number two, we need mass testing. And that means...

BARTIROMO: That's the hydrochloroquine, hydrochloroquine, yes.

BANNON: Hydrochloroquine needs to be on a doctor's basis.

And we know, from people in New York and around the country and also from around the world and France, that it's working for those doctor-patient relationships. Let them take charge of it, and let them do it. If it's working for them, let them do it.