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Citation From the April 6, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Listen, I think as our friend Dr. Oz says, we’d love clinical trials. We don't have time for clinical trials. The army that you have, not the army you wish you had. And we know all these countries -- Israel, Turkey, Spain, the French, France, Great Britain -- they're all using it. And I guess the question I'm looking for is we've heard from patients all around the world, we've heard from -- we had a representative in the Michigan area today say thank you to President Trump for off-label use and her doctor -- I agree up with you about must be in consultation with your doctor, it's got to be monitored like everything else, but if somebody that is now -- if the drug has been out there 65 years and you don't have any incidents, one guy with deaths is the leading guy in the country, I would say it's safe. What would you do if it was you? If God forbid you were to get COVID-19 and your doctor thought it would be a good option, would -- what are your thoughts on it?

DR. DEBORAH BIRX: Well, if the doctor I was going to felt like it was an important option for me, I would certainly listen to him and his or her wisdom on what I should be taking, and I think that's how every patient looks at their doctor. And I think what has happened over the last month, the information has really gotten out to the American people and to physicians around the United States and making them aware that this is an available option. At the same time, Gilead has made remdesivir available in a compassionate-use option also. So, I really want to applaud both the people, the physicians who are working on hydroxychloroquine, and also the group from Gilead who are making drugs available in this time of great need. And we understand it's a time of great need.