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Citation From the April 7, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Karen Whitsett is a state representative in Michigan. She began experiencing coronavirus symptoms in mid-March and then went way downhill.

For two weeks, she said she felt no better and then on March 31, she was prescribed hydroxychloroquine. Within hours, she says, she began improving. Now Whitsett, who is a Democrat, credits the president with saving her life by bringing attention to that antimalarial drug.

So you're a -- I'm just so interested because you're a politician, obviously, you know, politics. It is what you do. Are you surprised that this drug -- this medicine, which helped save your life, you say, has become a political issue?

KAREN WHITSETT (MICHIGAN STATE REPRESENTATIVE): I'm actually not surprised that it has become a political issue. There are so many politics and policies surrounding medicine, medication, medical equipment -- this is actually a norm. That's why we do have health policies and have people on these committees.

I have Lyme disease, so I've been fighting for Lyme disease policies within my district, within my state for -- since I started this in office, so I'm not surprised at all.

CARLSON: Representative Whitsett, I just want to congratulate you on being OK and surviving. And I think it takes some political courage to come on the show and so we're grateful that you did. Thank you very much.

WHITSETT: Thank you. Thank you. And just so I can add, I didn't have the typical symptoms. So, you know, Dr. Arsiwala did save my life, and I do credit, you know, the president to doing so and putting this out there because it wasn't accessible to me, if it wasn't for that fact.

I had very little time to be able to get to this and be able to make the [indecipherable] because my breathing did become very labored.

CARLSON: I just find it amazing that you're saying that out loud. And I appreciate that you are because this isn't about politics; it's about saving people and you obviously know that. Thank you very much.