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Citation From the March 23, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Dr. Peter Costantino is with us. All right. Let's talk about hydroxychloroquine with Zithromax. Dr. Costantino, I read earlier the study, upstate New York, your thoughts? Is this potentially what we are thinking tonight it could be?

DR. PETER COSTANTINO: You know, I'm very, very optimistic about this. So, this is not a controlled study. The number of patients that are represented by Dr. Zelensky is significant. Of the 350 patients that they treated, they would've expected at least 15 to 30, maybe 40 hospitalizations and potentially even two to three deaths. They had zero hospitalizations, zero intubations, which is putting a breathing tube down to help somebody breathe, and zero deaths. So it's not a controlled study, but it certainly looks like more than just coincidence.

HANNITY: Alright. Dr. Hotez, what is your take on this?

DR. PETER HOTEZ: So, my take is, I'm aligned with the vice president. Well look, chloroquine has got a lot going for it. It kills the virus in the test tube. It suppresses inflammation. We know inflammation in the lungs is a huge reason why people get very sick and die from this virus, and we have some clinical studies conducted in France, in China.

The reason why both the vice president and I are not popping the champagne cork is because we've kind of been down this path before with influenza. Hydroxychloroquine showed some promise, chloroquine against the influenza virus in the test tube, but it didn't quite pan out.

But look, we have every reason to be optimistic. We have to remember, hydroxychloroquine is just one of several new therapies that are rapidly being accelerated into the clinic. I told you last week that you're about to see the full power of American science brought to bear on this problem and here's an example of it: hydroxychloroquine.


HANNITY: Dr. Costantino, do you agree with the other possibilities as well? There's real hope tonight for the country.

COSTANTINO: There is, and we're going to find something or some combination of things that makes the difference and turns the tide and this is going to be more self-limited than the dire warnings that we have been preparing for. I think it's important, though, to realize that with the hydroxychloroquine, this is ubiquitously available drug. It's cheap. It's $12 per dosage cycle. And so, compared to some of these more exotic drugs, compared to the things that are not quite as available across the world, I think --

HANNITY: Yes, I got to roll, but --

COSTANTINO: -- there's a lot of promise on hydroxychloroquine.

HANNITY: From your lips to God's ears. Thank you both for what you do every day.