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Citation From the March 21, 2020, edition of Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine

JEANINE PIRRO (HOST): Welcome back to Justice. At this time, we've got some important information from Dr. Marc Siegel, who was among the first to tell us about a critical drug that's being looked at to fight the coronavirus. Dr. Siegel is a Fox News contributor who has been on day and night and is joining us again tonight. Dr. Siegel, first of all, are you okay? How do you feel?

DR. MARC SIEGEL: I feel great, actually. I'm out here in Long Island. I'm having a great time and I'm in good health. I'm exercising. And I'm not sleeping enough, judge.

PIRRO: Yes, I know you're not sleeping enough. That's why I asked you. You know, you talked about the hydrochloroquinine or -- hydrochloroquine. What is it?

SIEGEL: It's hydrochloroquine -- hydroxychloroquine. It's used for malaria as a prophylaxis, preventative of malaria. It's also used as an arthritis drug known as Plaquenil, it's the same drug. So it's been taken together with Zithromax in this situation.

PIRRO: With the Z-pak, and it has shown to have some success, correct?

SIEGEL: Right. There was a study out of France. It was a small study and it showed a big impact on 25 out of 30 patients, and we need larger studies. But in the meantime, it's been used around the world anecdotally. It's been used in hospitals for people who have the coronavirus, have COVID-19, and they're getting worse and they have to try some treatment. This treatment is pretty well-tolerated.

PIRRO: But they're not getting worse with this.

SIEGEL: They are generally not -- well, this is usually well, well-tolerated, and I think that's the point that the president was making the other day. We don't have the clinical trials. We have one trial and it looks promising.

PIRRO: It looks promising, OK.

SIEGEL: So it's already approved for -- yeah, it looks promising, so why not try it for someone who is getting severely ill.

PIRRO: I agree. No question about it. I am not a scientist. So I agree.