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Citation From the March 30, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

DR. MEHMET OZ: Well, I interviewed the French author who had released the initial paper arguing that, for example, chloroquine -- hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin together would reduce the infectivity of patients and would ideally reduce the amount of virus they had . Well, he released the paper Friday night late that argues that, in fact, with the first 80 patients he has followed sequentially with that regiment, they did well. He had a death. He had another patient still in the ICU. He’s a very controversial physician and not everyone likes him or likes what he is doing. And it’s the best data we have. It’s not great data because it's not randomized controlled data. But that plus additional evidence from China -- because in China, it's part of the protocol for treating Covid-19 patients -- made the FDA do what I think is a wise move, which is -- 

So, ideally what we’d do, very succinctly, is do the clinical trials. They’re now starting in North Carolina as well, a company was hired to do this. We will have data back by some time in April, I'm hoping. University of Minnesota is doing it, a prevention study. We’re doing a prevention study at Columbia. And ideally we will have real data. But in the meantime, the FDA did the right thing. Arm physicians, because it had to be prescribed by a doctor. It's not will-nilly used; don't self-medicate. Arm us with tools, the best we have. Let's see what happen.