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Citation From the March 23, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): Dr. Oz we could be hearing from the governor of New York a short time from now. Another news conference is expected this morning. Meanwhile, how does this all end? Dr. William Haseltine takes this up in a piece this morning. How this could end. In these ways, maybe sooner than we expect. And he lays them out: coronavirus proves to be seasonal, is one way; through herd immunity; development of a vaccine; accelerated development of therapeutic drugs. When you look at that, it sort of brings you hope that some of these scenarios could play out and we could see the end of this pandemic.

DR. MEHMET OZ: Let's start with that last one because that's the breaking news today. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to interview the very well-respected French infectious disease specialist, the doctor who conducted that pilot study that was published last week and was referred to by the president and Dr. Fauci. And what he showed, it’s a small study, but what he showed was in 100% of the people who got this combination of an old malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine and Z-pak, the antibiotic that they were free of virus in six days. And their [UNINTELLIGIBLE] of blood, the amount of virus were very low compared to the control group. Remember, usually you only have a 12% of the population get those kinds of results. So that's very heartening. He was very clear in his opinion, he felt that the world should go ahead and start treating with this double-drug combination. He based the study he did on Chinese reports of similarly successful trials. So we're going to conduct this in America. I'm funding the one at Columbia. My colleagues are writing it. The Cleveland clinic I spoke to yesterday, they are moving ahead. There are many great institutions that are pushing to do the clinical trial to prove that what he showed in his pilot study is effective . But in the meantime, I have got lots of hope that people are going to start using this combination. Please don't horde. Folks who need them the most should use these medications if their doctor thinks it is appropriate, because they are prescription medications. But if that were to be proven to be effective -- we'll know over the next few weeks, not months, weeks -- we have dramatically changed this virus. So that fourth item Dr. Haseltine brought to bear may already be well into its evolution.