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Citation From the March 20, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

ED HENRY (CO-ANCHOR): Dr. Oz we are now several days into the 15-day guidelines from the White House. I know we can't go through every single community. But big picture: how are we doing in terms of progress?

DR. MEHMET OZ: You know, cities like New York which now represent one-third of the all of the virus load for the country are still suffering. Other parts of the country haven’t accelerated as quickly. I think we are seeing that earlier action -- before you have got the loss of the virus, you can't contain it anymore -- works. So I’m hopeful that most of the country will be spared. And we are cracking down hard here in New York and California, as you mentioned earlier. But I’ll tell you the most impressive bit of news on this entire pandemic front. It was the paper from Marseilles, France yesterday that many [UNINTELLIGIBLE] colleagues are stunned by. They took two old drugs -- a malaria drug and a Z-pak. It’s used for infection, it’s an antibiotic. And they demonstrated it could reduce the viral load on people within three days and all of the virus is gone in six days. If that's true, and that’s what the president was speaking about yesterday, that dramatically changes everything. Then all of a sudden, we can suffocate this virus much more rapidly. It will behave more like the traditional seasonal influenza.