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Citation From the March 20, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Dr. Oz, we’re getting on top of the testing and we’re getting more results. And yet there’s some good news. The mortality rate is dropping, right? 

DR. MEHMET OZ: Mortality rate is dropping, in part, because we are testing more people who are healthy. But I will tell you, there was a massive, massive news overnight on this French study that came out the night before. But people are finally getting to be clear on what it really means. And just to be clear, they gave two already existing medications. These medications were remarkably effective in reducing the viral load in people who had coronavirus, the Covid-19. And by six days, the people who were given the two drugs had none of the virus remaining and the whole course of the treatment they had less virus, which means we could actually make this virus behave a lot more like the flu virus. If that's true then the FDA --

KILMEADE: What is the drug? 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Yeah, what are the drugs?

OZ: One is a drug that’s used for malaria, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and it is a drug that was brought on the market in 1955. The other drug is Z-pak. So two already existing drugs. We know their profiles are very safe. They have been used very widely and that combination which was -- initially used in France, it’s been used in Israel and other countries, was finally studied in a published paper. It’s not published yet but it was shared because it's such important news, has caught the attention of the administration. The FDA says we'll fast-track it. We have got to double-check it because you don't want to make a huge decision based on just one paper. But if this bears out, it's incredible.

EARHARDT: What does that mean, fast-track, does that mean they don't have enough right now for all the cases in America?

OZ: No. It means that they have got to really demonstrate to the comfort level of American regulators that this is a safe combination and it has the impact that was revealed in this first trial.

KILMEADE: So this is the group that is also looking for a partner to help bring it to market, correct?

OZ: There are business issues as well because you have got to actually produce enough of the product, to Ainsley's question, to satisfy the national need. But this is the first time I have seen news that makes me think, “Oh my goodness, we don't have to wait for a vaccine.” We have been having tantalizing ideas, but these guys actually published data from a respected institution that they can dramatically change viral load. Now does it change the outcomes of patients? We don't know that yet. There is lots of questions remaining. But the fact that you could drop the virus amount that you are secreting that much? I mean, this is why it is also important. It turns out a lot of people who have Covid-19 are secreting virus for 20 days. That means the period of time have you got to be away from everybody else may not be 14, it might be 20 days. Well that's a lot of time to be out of circulation. If this combination changes that, it also will make life a lot easier, changes the quarantine period.