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Citation From the March 19, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Daily Briefing

JOHN ROBERTS (CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT): Some promising news in terms of therapies, treatments for people who have coronavirus, the FDA saying that they are going to give doctors the ability to get what's called compassionate access to some experimental new drugs as well. There’s a couple of drugs that are in -- well, one drug at least that's in the pipeline that might have some effect, it's called Remdesivir from the Gilead pharmaceutical company. And then there's that existing drug that the president was talking about called hydroquinine, and then another drug just called -- hydroxychloroquine. I'm sorry, too many drugs in my head. Or chloroquine, which is a currently available therapy for some types of arthritis but mostly malaria, that does seem to have some ameliorating effect on coronavirus and helps people, actually, according to a French study, get better within six days. Here's what the president said.


ROBERTS: Let's make sure we got that straight. Hydroxychloroquine is the name of the drug.