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Citation From the March 31, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Soon this invisible enemy, it will be defeated. But hang on tight. The next few weeks will definitely be rocky.

That's especially true in the state of New York where we are tonight, which is now the epicenter at this moment of the disease. And today, the state released a statement, once again blaming the federal government. They released a statement: The states were not slow to respond -- the federal government was absent.

OK. Andrew Cuomo, you are missing in action. Mayor de Blasio, you are missing in action. Really? You have the highest per capita taxes in the country, New York state and city, and virtually zero stockpile of equipment, masks, gloves. Nothing. The stockpile of ventilators, totally insufficient. And the state has fewer ventilators on hand than the national average. In fact, former Lt. Gov. of New York Betsy McCaughey points out that Cuomo was warned of the shortage of ventilators in 2015. They only had 2,000. The task force recommended they needed 18,000.

So, instead of buying 16,000 more, Cuomo did nothing. And now he is screaming at the president whose building hospital after hospital, sending all the ventilators that he puts in the warehouse. Now he's lecturing the president? Well, that's why the federal government sent over 4,000 to you that you stuck in a warehouse, multiple emergency hospitals. We now have the USNS Comfort in New York harbor.

And it gets even worse. Cuomo barring New York citizens, this has got to end, hospitalized -- if you're not hospitalized, the last place you want to be is in a hospital right now if you can prevent it. But now, the only place you can go in the state of New York to get hydroxychloroquine is at a pharmacy. And they are not allowed to give it to you. That's right. Gov. Cuomo, rescind that order and take responsibility. Why didn't you buy those ventilators? You spent $750 million on a failed solar panel project in upstate New York. It went belly up. Why didn't you spend money on gowns? Really? You're going to attack the president, the federal government in the middle of an emergency? You also take responsibility for your poor planning.

New York is the number one terror target in the entire world. New York should be prepared. The first [World] Trade Center attack, 9/11. New York, highest concentration of 10 million people, smallest geographical location. In a pandemic, New York City is ground zero, an international city.