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Citation From the March 23, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): But on the drug front, there is also promising news there, knock on sanitized wood. Researchers are reporting on a combination of antimalarial meds and antibiotics, which were prescribed to COVID patients and saw significant reduction in the viral load in them. Meanwhile, anecdotal evidence straight from patients' mouths are attesting to its success. Here’s actor Daniel Dae Kim who got the virus and then got the drugs.


GUTFELD: That is good news for him. So how did the media respond to all this? Well, because Trump had touted the drug on Twitter, what do you expect? MSN published a Bloomberg news piece with the headline virus drug touted by Trump can kill in just two grams, neglecting to point out that two grams of a lot of things can kill you. Trust me.