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Citation From the March 23, 2020, edition of CNN's New Day

JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): You have some new reporting, Sanjay, on these drugs that the president has been talking about. And one of the studies cited for success in terms of these drugs, there are new questions about that. Explain. 

DR. SANJAY GUPTA (CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT): Look, I think this is a really big deal. I think there's a lot of enthusiasm around these medications. And look, everybody should be hopeful. Everybody on the planet is hopeful that maybe we'll come up with some new therapeutic. But I want to be clear on the study that has garnered enthusiasm. Some 26 patients originally in the study. It wasn't randomized, meaning patients weren't put into one group or the other, and it wasn't blinded either, meaning the patients knew if they were getting the treatment or they weren't. But here's the critical point. If you follow these 26 patient, what you also find is that six of the patients were actually excluded from the study. It's curious why. So as we started to do a little digging, we found that three of the patients were transferred to the intensive care unit. One patient died. And two patients stopped the therapy altogether because they could not tolerate the side effects. Now, when you do the math, I'll do the quick math for you, that puts the mortality rate for the study around 4% and it puts the critical care rate around 15%. So that's actually higher than the general population that we've been hearing right now. Now, granted, it's a small study, so you really can't read into it either way, is it successful or not. But the idea that it's being presented as a panacea, everyone sort of was treated successfully, is simply not true. It's also worth pointing out that they only followed them for six days, John and Erica. We just talked about the fact that it can be two weeks at least before patients start to have recovery of symptoms. We don't really know what happened to those other patients that stayed in the study. This really has to be vetted out. It should be vetted out. We need to do the trials. But that's why you do the science.