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Citation From the March 23, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends. 

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Dr. Oz we heard from the president at the end of last week and he was talking about these hopeful trial results of how a French doctor charted about three dozen different patients, they all had coronavirus, and rather than the standard path they had been going, as we look at this graph, look at the red line, and day one, day zero essentially, everybody had 100% of the virus, and by day six everybody had 0% of the virus. Tell us about the drug combination and how hopeful you are about it. 

MEHMET OZ (TV DOCTOR): Literally my jaw dropped, I didn't know it was possible, I immediately started trying to get in touch with this physician. 


I was flabbergasted. He took concepts that the Chinese had been working with, some anecdotal ideas, and constructed this trial. In his mind, this data is so powerful, he does not believe a randomized trial is worth it. In France, some cities are moving forward without clinical trials. However, as a physician and in America, we feel strongly about randomized trials. I spend the weekend working with the team at Colombia, we've crafted a study that would replicate what he did, a true randomized trial where neither side knows what they got.



This doctor told me something else that was very important that he hasn't published yet, he said the clinical outcomes were trending towards improvement, he is a very precise man he did not want to release data until he had more, so in ten days we will have that as well. This is a game changer, because if you can take a combination of two existing pills, repurpose them to use for the American public to shorten the amount of time you're infectious, and hopefully reduce complications, this becomes more like flu than the coronavirus.