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Citation From the March 20, 2020, edition of Fox News' Bill Hemmer Reports

STEPHEN MOORE (HERITAGE FOUNDATION): The point that I would make, and I am in full agreement with the questions that The Wall Street Journal editorial asked, which is this: Is it possible -- and I think we have reached the point where maybe the cure is worse than the disease. Look, we have an economy -- the American economy is the engine of the world, Bill. We have a $20 trillion economy, we are losing somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 billion a week because of the shutdown of the economy. And the point I would make is this can’t go much longer than three or four -- I heard you ask the doctor as this will be over by Easter. We can’t have the American economy shut down for more than three or four weeks, or I think, it will be a disaster in terms of the human suffering, the lifetime savings of businesses and individuals that will be wiped out. We have to make a smart calculation here.