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Citation From the March 22, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Next Revolution

CHARLIE KIRK (FOUNDER, TURNING POINT USA): The president's been doing a phenomenal job with an impossible hand that he's been dealt. The health experts are looking at this through a single variable analysis and what you're trying to contribute, Steve, correctly, is actually a multivariable analysis because as you shut down the American economy, and every single day you don't allow small businesses to be able to operate, and you go towarda unemployment going up and up, which I think is President Trump's most amazing accomplishment, is the lowest-ever Black unemployment, Asian unemployment, Latino unemployment, it puts a lot of that in jeopardy. 

And there are real-life costs, Steve. When you go back to the studies back after the Great Recession, there were over 14,000 suicides that were attributed to the economic crisis of the Great Recession. And so Americans -- I want to give credit to America that has obeyed the guidelines and has played -- done the correct thing but I'm saying, Steve, I am getting phone calls from people that are in panic right now and it's not panic about the virus. It's panic about the economic catastrophe that we're about to come into. It's people that are worried that they can't make payroll. They can't make rent and they have confidence in the president of the United States and what he's doing here. But they want to know on day 15 that they're going to get a green light to go back to work because you cannot cage the American entrepreneur.