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Citation From the February 25, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Now doctor, is it safe to call this, or is it accurate to call this, a pandemic now? And what do Americans need to know about it, because it’s becoming such a stressful issue for Americans at home.

DR. JANETTE NESHEIWAT (CITYMD MEDICAL DIRECTOR): Sure, Laura. So, by definition, it’s on more than one continent, so it's making its way to a pandemic definition. But what Americans need to know, that our president is doing everything has power to keep us safe. And we have it contained in this country, by having a 14 day quarantine, a ban from foreign nationals traveling into this country, screening at the airports. And if you do enter into this country, you’re going to be closely monitored. So the key is containment, early identification of suspected patients, then isolating them, then confirming if they have it, and treating appropriately and potentially tracing any contacts they may have. Now, the risk in this country is still low, but it is still a very strong possibility, especially now we have this sudden outbreak in Italy. That’s when I start to really become concerned, when I saw this outbreak in Italy and South Korea, because we can't ban everybody from flying in from Europe and overseas, but we definitely need to continue our efforts, being vigilant, and make sure that we have appropriate resources and funding.