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Citation From the March 3, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Why do you think it's been so bad there? 

JASON RANTZ (SEATTLE RADIO HOST): Well, it's a little bit unclear. I think part of it has to do with we are a hub for travel, particularly from Asia. 


RANTZ: And that's probably behind some of this. But I think also we've got a potential problem growing with our homelessness crisis. I think when we hear about how easily the coronavirus will spread, we know specifically groups of people who can't do the hand sanitizer, taking showers, washing your hands multiple times a day. It's the homelessness issue, right? And so you've got two groups of people who potentially could make this a little bit worse. Number one, the homeless individuals who are sort of living deep out under a freeway underpasses, up hills and brush that you don't necessarily see. Well, they might be suffering and no one is going to know that they need help. And then you have got the group of homeless individuals who maybe are getting sick, but aren't showing any symptoms. Well, they are jumping on buses, because they can ride for free, they are going to public restrooms, they are going into public libraries, and there is a possibility that they are spreading it at a higher than normal rate -- because they are not in the system, because they are not being quarantined, because they are not being checked with any regularity, and I think that that's a problem. 

CARLSON: So I'm not Marie Curie here, but you are saying that if you've got thousands of people defecating on the sidewalk, that could pose a public health risk? 

RANTZ: I know. I'm not a doctor, but something tells me that that poses a potential issue. Now, what I think is kind of curious about this is at the same time that I'm addressing these issues, you and I are talking about it, you've got the Seattle City Council that's making it harder to clean up encampments, to get people into the system, to get people into shelter. They think that lacks compassion. Today, if you look -- spend 10 seconds on my Twitter feed, I am getting called a fascist because I actually think that we should be putting people into shelter and actually getting them quarantined if they're sick, and if they're not sick, doesn't matter, I want to get them actual help and I want to get them access to, you know, running water.