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Citation From the February 17, 2020, edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.

CHARLES PAYNE (GUEST HOST): I saw a piece out of Morning Consult survey there, and it was really impressive because 61% approved of the way government is handling this. Only 23% did not. Contrast that with Ebola, where only 27% thought the government did a good job and 62% did not. You know, this is something -- initially, Joe Biden brought it up on one of the campaign stumps. But since then I haven't heard a lot of Democrats talking about this. It feels like Americans think that the government, particularly the CDC, have done a pretty good job.

ROBERT MORAN (BRUNSWICK GROUP): Well I think there’s a couple things that are going on here. First, at least right now at least, the coronavirus appears to be mostly contained to Hubei province and also to mainland China, with a growing number of cases outside. But in the United States, I think we have only 15 cases as of today? So that, I think, number one, is still a very small number relative to our population. I think the second is that the administration did very quickly start to shut down flights as a reaction, which is what people worry about, and what people were concerned about during the Ebola outbreak. But the question is not just -- so, the first question is, does it continue to spread? And that’s a big health and economic question. But there’s another basic economic question, which is, even if it’s contained in Hubei, what does that do to the growth rate coming out of China and Asia and how does that impact the U.S. economy?

PAYNE: Sure. But I think though with respect to President Trump and the idea, the commander-in-chief, and how they’ve handled this so far, dovetails nicely with your list.