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Citation From CNN's February 4, 2020, State of the Union live coverage

JAKE TAPPER (CNN ANCHOR): While we are used to since the days of Ronald Reagan, a president going to people in the first lady's box to illustrate some sort of policy point or some sort of American note, whether it's honoring troops or talking about education, we have never seen -- and I suppose this comes from the president's history in reality television. And I don't mean this in a pejorative way.

TAPPER: We’ve never really seen a scholarship given, which is what the president did with the young girl from Philadelphia. We’ve seen the type of thing where a war hero, like the Tuskegee airman, Brigadier General McGee, we’ve seen that honored. And that was a lovely moment to have a 100 year old Tuskegee airman there with his grandson, who wants to be in the space force. But President Trump telling a little girl that she's going to get a scholarship, President Trump announcing that there is a soldier coming home and reuniting with his wife and children, we’ve never seen anything like that before. And obviously the surprise Medal of Freedom the first lay bestowed upon Rush Limbaugh, where he seemed rather shocked. I mean, this really is a true and full embrace of who this president is, which is somebody from the world of reality television, where he was trying to have these moments for the American people to experience. And it worked on a lot of people.