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Citation From the January 22, 2020, edition of CNN's New Day

SEAN DUFFY (CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR) With regard to witnesses, I do think Adam Schiff controlled the whole House and the whole impeachment narrative as he went through the investigation. He did have a choice to call these witnesses, to subpoena these witnesses in the House. And he didn't subpoena them. 

JOHN BERMAN (CO-ANCHOR): He did. He called them. He called them. He called them. He called them. He called them, and they said no. And they said no. And then the White House tried to block them. Correct?

DUFFY: But John, you know this very well. When you have a disagreement with the White House, which is the executive branch, you go to the courts to decide the differences. And Adam Schiff didn't go to court. He said I'm not going to call them. I'm not going to subpoena them. And we’ll just go to the Senate because I have an overwhelming case. So, if Schiff has an overwhelming case, go to the Senate, present the evidence that you've created in the House, and let the chips fall where they may.