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Citation From the March 20, 2019, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): And where's the Mueller investigation into this damning new story which we now get to tonight, from John Solomon? 

We know tonight that a high-ranking government official in Ukraine actively tried to benefit the Clinton campaign in 2016. This is breaking tonight, according to Solomon. 

Ukraine's top prosecutor has opened a criminal probe into whether senior law enforcement officials in that country tried to sway the U.S. election, influence our election, to help Hillary Clinton win. 

Now, a tape recording released by a member of the Ukrainian parliament captured an official talking about leaking [Paul] Manafort financial records in the middle of the 2016 election, for the stated purpose, to help Hillary Clinton. A Ukrainian court even ruled the leak was an improper effort to influence the American election. 

That's not all. According to this report by John Solomon, Ukraine's top prosecutor accused the U.S. embassy of interfering in corruption prosecutions inside the country, including one probe into the alleged misuse of an American aid. 

In a letter surfaced from a senior member of Congress to Secretary Pompeo, accusing the current U.S. ambassador in Kiev of badmouthing the Trump administration. Now, this is exactly what Mark Meadows was talking about Tuesday on this show. 

So, where's the Mueller investigation into these matters? After all, it's already under investigation in the country of Ukraine. There's a tape recording that has all this information. Where's equal justice under our laws? Where's equal application of our laws?