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Citation From the October 31, 2019, edition of Fox News' Hannity

MARK LEVIN: Now, we’ve found the rat's nest. It's in the National Security Council. The whistleblower, according to a number of reports as you have been saying here tonight, comes off the National Security Council.

An Obama holdover, a Democrat. Somebody who worked with Biden, somebody who worked with Brennan. An Obama holdover who didn't like Trump, who met with one of the active figures in the Ukraine effort to undermine the president of the United States in 2016.

We have two others who now were hired by Schiff, Obama holdovers who were in the Trump National Security Council. Now they work for Schiff, and how much you want to bet one of them was the one that he colluded with? And of course Schiff doesn't know anything about it.

You want to know why the president of the United States has had trouble bringing his own people into the National Security Council and getting clearances? Now you know why, because it was a rat’s nest.

Then we have -- and by the way, I think U.S. Attorney [John] Durham and the attorney general of the United States ought to have an investigation of these three National Security Council former staffers.

What role, if any, did they have in the Ukraine 2016 matter interfering with the election? What role did they have pushing the Russia collusion matter? Were they leakers? I think the criminal investigation -- the hell with Schiff -- they ought to get into these three and find out exactly what they did. And there may be more of them.