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Citation From the October 4 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

PETE HEGSETH (FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND CO-HOST): These closed door sessions normally are about as private as Times Square. And including [Rep.] Adam Schiff and all of them. If there’s one nugget, one thing, while the hearing is going on, they will rush to the cameras, text a reporter, let them know, this is the new bombshell to run on CNN and MSNBC for the next two days. Instead, they walk past the cameras. Maybe, just maybe, for nine hours this public servant, this diplomat, told the truth about the reality of why there was pressure put on Ukraine, that it wasn't about a quid pro quo at all. It was about corruption. There is a new prosecutor, there is a new opportunity. And President Trump was doing that.


HEGSETH: Yeah, so I went and read these text messages where they specifically say the president does not want a quid pro quo. He wants them to stop the corrupt way they do business. And then we’ll be willing to invest the hard-earned taxpayer dollars, that that's always been his lodestar. You pay taxes, you’re a citizen of this country, the money we take from you ought be used well. Why would it go to a corrupt government? And especially if there are companies where former vice presidents are enriching themselves based on -- this is nepotism. This boomerangs right back on Joe Biden, not because he’s a potential rival in 2020, but because he used his position potentially to enrich his family members, which people ought and rightfully be frustrated about.