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Citation From the September 25 edition of Fox News' The Daily Briefing

MATT SCHLAPP (ACU CHAIRMAN): Well, first of all, because we are veterans of this process, when the impeachment process started on Richard Nixon and obviously he resigned, and the impeachment process started on Bill Clinton, and he was impeached, both of them had just recently been re-elected. So we had three-plus years to get to the next presidential election. In this case, what the Democrats are showing is that with just a little over a year, the people who don't like trump don't have to vote for him, the end is in sight for those who are part of Never Trump and #Resistance. But what it shows is their only politically viable avenue is scandal, investigation, impeachment with Trump. They can't win on the economy. They can't win on China. They can't win on America's role in the world. So they can only win when they pick this scab of scandal, and I think for the president, it is true. Look, Donna said he's stonewalling. Let me tell you: They got to see every document, they got to talk to every White House staffer, they got to see everything in the world they wanted. We did 2 1/2 years of Russian collusion. It was a lie in the beginning face -- based on false premises, and let me tell you. If this is again, just like Brett Kavanaugh last week, nothing but saber-rattling with nothing behind it, I think the American people are going to horsewhip the Democrats for their ridiculous scandal-mongering on things that really don't deserve this kind of attention. I'd like to talk about some issues now and again.