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Citation From the September 14 edition of Fox News' Watters' World

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): I mean [Beto O'Rourke] is going farther than any presidential candidate has ever gone. What do you think about that, Dana?

DANA LOESCH: He's desperate. I mean, first he went from “no, we're not going to take your guns” when he was debating Ted Cruz to “yeah, we're totally going to take everything” because he needs to be the passion candidate. I mean, he barely qualified for this debate. He really is believing his own hype. The only reason that he was run by the party in Texas was to get more Democrat voters and to seed the ground as s part of a longer plan -- a long-term plan to turn the state blue. But even more troubling is that you have a lawmaker standing on stage who is threatening the American people. And make no mistake, I mean every word of that. He is threatening people with implicit forcible theft, which would result in violence.