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Citation From the August 28 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): That being said, the polling right now, it's become very interesting. And it's what we have to go off of this early on, although a lot of people like to say the polls don't accurately predict things, when you look back at the 2016 election. However, here's a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll. And it does show Joe Biden, the clear front runner. It's got a large margin of error, 4.76%, so keep that in mind, but Joe Biden clearly with the lead there at 32%. And this latest poll, Warren at 14, Sanders at 12. This is coming after a poll yesterday got a lot of attention, showing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren polling ahead of what has been your front runner, Joe Biden. Bernie at 20, Elizabeth at 20, Joe Biden, 19. That was that Monmouth University poll that had nearly a 6% margin of error. What is going on with the race for 2020 and your party? 

XOCHITL HIOJOSA (DNC COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: I wish I could explain the polling, but I can't. And I think there's a lot of enthusiasm right now. You're seeing large crowd sizes for a lot of our Democratic candidates. And they were just at the DNC meeting this last week, where they talked about their vision for America and the vision for the future. And what you heard from DNC members at that meeting was they were excited, and they felt that no matter what happens, our values will bring us together, and they will support whoever the Democratic nominee is. So we came out of that meeting, feeling very positive about the candidates that are in this race fighting for them, and I think that any one of these candidates will be a better president than Donald Trump.

SMITH: Well, who do you think your nominee -- has the best chance of beating him?

HINOJOSA: I have no idea. All of them will --

SMITH: You always have that answer. I mean, you must get together behind closed doors and say this is our best shot. Who is it?

HINOJOSA: Well, I don't know who the nominee is going to be, but what I will tell you is that if you're looking at recent polling, most of the top polling candidates in a head-to-head would beat Donald Trump, and especially in those battleground states. And I think what's really important here is for the first time, the Democratic party has started organizing in those battleground states. So yes, it will be about a candidate's message. It will be about who can beat Donald Trump, but it's also -- we can't forget that it's about who's organizing on the ground and who is reaching out to those voters now.

SMITH: Great point.