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Citation From the August 5, 2019 edition of The Ingraham Angle

DAN PATRICK (TEXAS LT. GOV.): Laura, we live - when you look at the root cause of this. We live in a country that has become more anti-flag, more anti-God, more anti-family, and more violence in our culture. And you step back and what do we expect?

We are a culture that no longer values life - look at 44 million abortions. We're a culture where as I said yesterday, you go to church on Sunday, and you try to bring your kids upright. But when they go to school on Monday, we've kicked God out of school, we don't let them talk about these types of issues.

We've lost our moral compass. We are anti-law enforcement until we need law enforcement. And I've been ridiculed on Twitter and Facebook, and I don't care, that's another part of the overall problem of this evil, is that is the meanness and the hatred and comments on everybody's post.

You can just be a kid in high school make a post and it's hateful.


PATRICK: And we see these video games and I've been criticized for Laura, that's a big part of this. This was in his manifesto --

INGRAHAM: Yes, we --

PATRICK: He wanted to be a fantasy solider, do you know that.

INGRAHAM: Yes, we have a culture that has become so coarse and so polluted- -


INGRAHAM: And I'm sure at various times we all take part in that and we all have some responsibility. But the aftermath of the shooting, to turn it into a moment to like get new Twitter followers, is just reprehensible. The people of El Paso we're doing the tribute, right?