... On second thought, THIS is the dumbest media-bias claim of the day

Media Research Center's Tim Graham:

WaPo Patrick Swayze Obit Gets to His Drag-Queen Movie Before 'Red Dawn'

Here's a sign the Washington Post is a liberal newspaper: today's Adam Bernstein obituary for Patrick Swayze begins obviously by noting his big hits “Ghost” and “Dirty Dancing,” but doesn't get to “Red Dawn” until paragraph 23. Even then, Bernstein wrongly suggests he had a supporting role

I'm not kidding. Graham really wrote that. It actually happened.

UPDATE: Even Newsbusters' commenters are bewildered that Graham would post such an inane media-bias claim, leading him to respond in the comments:

It's merely an amusing little sign of how the Post doesn't have anyone inside the building to say “hey, didn't you ever see Red Dawn?”

And, really, what newsroom is complete without anyone saying “Hey, didn't you ever see Red Dawn”?