NewsBusters wins the World Cup... of stupid

I'm having trouble coming up with the proper adjectives to adequately convey how phenomenally idiotic this NewsBusters post from Mark Finkelstein is, so I'll just reproduce it below:

World Cup Ball On Time Cover Looks Lot Like Obama Logo

He is, after all, the man who informed the world that his ascendancy would be seen as the moment that “the planet began to heal.” So I suppose it's fitting that his logo appear on the World Cup soccer ball, the event that will be watched by more people than any other event in human history.

At least, Time magazine appears to think so.

Check out the image of the ball on the cover of this week's Time, and compare it to the Obama logo, seen after the jump. Compare the Time ball, too, with an image of the actual ball, to which it bears absolutely no relation.

Time editor Rick Stengel revealed the cover, and the image, during his regular Morning Joe appearance today.

Now it's true that a bit of green makes it's [sic] way onto the side of the Time ball. But the central image seems strikingly like that of the Obama logo. Coincidence?

If you click through, you'll see that the similarities between the Obama logo and the ball on the Time cover are as follows -- they're round; they both have red, white, and blue in them.

That's it.

Observations such as these, however, are enough to earn you some digital ink on the right's premier online source for media criticism.

While you try to figure out how many concussions you'd have to suffer before this would make any sense, know that Finkelstein has an undistinguished record of sniffing out secret, nefarious symbols in otherwise innocent-looking scenarios. Recall that it was Finkelstein who revealed that Matt Lauer's houndstooth scarf was actually a secret message of support to Palestinian terrorists, who would recognize the garment as being “similar to the little number Arafat liked to sport.”


To save you the click, here is the side-by-side comparison Finkelstein includes in his post: