NewsBusters' weather report: “Hey Al -- 'Frostproof, Florida' Forecast: 22 Degrees”

From a January 10 NewsBusters post:

Less than a year ago, ABC global-warmist weatherman Sam Champion was warning people against moving to Florida because of the supposed danger of disastrous sea-level rises due to global warming. Maybe Sam was on to something-but for the diametrically opposite reason . . .

Check out the Weather Channel's forecast for the town of “Frostproof, Florida” for tonight: 22 degrees-a full 10 degrees below freezing. Yikes! Maybe Sam's right: a mistake to move to Florida because the climate is . . . just too darn cold.

Hey Algore: we want our global warming, and we want it now. Has anyone noticed near the MSM attention to the weather trends that might be derived from the current cold snap compared to the hysteria they exhibited when temps get above normal?

PS: here in my hometown of Ithaca, NY, it was below zero this morning. Not unusual, but the mercury hasn't gotten above freezing in going on three weeks.