NewsBusters endorses criminal behavior

I would really like to visit whatever planet it is that NewsBuster Brent Baker calls home. It sounds like an interesting place -- not only is there no climate change, but on Baker's planet acts of wanton criminality are “laudatory” feats that deserve copious amounts of praise.

At least, that's the story Baker told this morning as he attacked the ABC and CBS evening newscasts for “discount[ing] the scientific relevance of the admissions and obfuscations displayed in the ClimateGate e-mails.” According to Baker: “The two networks, however, painted the 'stolen' e-mails not as laudatory whistle-blowing, but as an unwanted impediment to the left's global warming agenda.”

Let's consider that sentence for a moment -- Brent Baker, one of the premiere media critics on the right, considers hackers who illegally broke into e-mail servers at the University of East Anglia and stole several thousand e-mail messages to be “whistleblowers,” and he wanted ABC and CBS to praise these criminals for their “laudatory” actions.

Once again, Brent Baker, media critic, praises criminals and wants the media to do the same. This isn't media criticism. This isn't even sane.

So yeah, book me a seat on the next rocket ship to the Bakersphere. That's an alternate reality I'm curious to explore.