MRC's NewsBusters Again Uses An Image They Admitted Was “Anti-Semitic”

Media Research Center's Noel Sheppard has once again used an image that he previously admitted was “anti-Semitic.”

In a post on the MRC's NewsBuster's blog discussing comments from former President Bill Clinton about the Republican Party's “media base,” Associate Editor Noel Sheppard used the following Photoshopped image of politicians laughing:

(copy of full page with image here)

Newsbusters used the same image, which is steeped in anti-Semitic imagery, in May 2012 in a post also written by Sheppard.

As noted at the time, in the manipulated photo President Obama's tie has a Jewish Star of David design, and the Israeli flag has been added to the tie of former Sen. Joe Lieberman. An Israeli flag pin has also been added to Obama's lapel.

The creator of the images describes the Holocaust as a “scam” on their website, and has several other images with anti-Semitic and conspiratorial themes on display.

After Media Matters pointed this out, Newsbusters removed the image and added an editorial note from Sheppard that said “the original article included a doctored picture of Obama and others that turned out to have anti-Semitic imagery that I didn't notice when I incorporated it into the piece.”

Nearly a year and a half later, the same writer has used the same image on the same website.